Each new day holds an opportunity for creating change in your life. Often we believe that who we are is defined by our experiences.  We continue to hold on to past mistakes, fears and emotions. But in spite of your old attachments…You are not your past! You are not your job, your relationships, or even your body. You are not your mistakes. You are unlimited potential… just waiting to be realized.

Let me show you the keys that will free you to pursue your dreams. Your time is now!

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Tips for 2017

2017 is off and running! I hope that you are excited about your plans for the year. If not… no worries! You are in the right place, at the right time. In this Newsletter, I will be dishing out some of my favorite New Year tips, as well as letting you know what we’ve...

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Competition Brings Growth

What's your favorite way to grow? Some learn by 'doing' while others find that 'teaching' offers a huge boost. A few months ago at a Toastmasters meeting, one of the speakers talked about 'competing' as a way to increase your speaking skills. Since I love going the...

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Brand New Journal

There is something  about the crisp, newness of a brand new journal. It's as if it beacons you to pour out your heart... your deepest desires. If you were a journal, what would you want me to write on your pages? Would you yearn to hear of my past hurts, my fears... I...

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“Dena was on the ground floor with us as we were re-visioning the branding of our anti-aging skincare line.  Her insightful and creative coaching helped us to focus on our brand message, rename each of our products and create the powerful intentions for each product label.  A very gifted and eloquent writer and speaker, Dena authored and recorded the empowerment meditations for our website, crafted our mission statement, and helped launch our new brand to be an authentic representation of I AM SELFCARE SKINCARE.   Dena is priceless…”

Cathy McCracken | Founder and CEO, I AM SELFCARE SKIN CARE

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