Simply put, working with Dena has change my world. Prior to my coaching sessions with the amazing Dena DeLuco, I was an anxious, lost and overwhelmed girl that who was always busy but rarely productive. Since working with Dena and being held accountable to my actions (and lack there of) I can now confidently say that I have direction. I have gained clarity to what I want my path to be, I am more focused and am so much more productive. Among all of the subtle and giant changes and tweaks I’ve made to my life through Dena’s guidance , the most significant is that the anxiety that held me captive for an entire year is completely and entirely removed from my life. Every day I do things that were impossible for me to even consider accomplishing this time last year. Dena has helped me to break down so many barriers. For this reason (and so many more) I am so incredibly grateful for Dena’s presence in my life. I would highly recommend Dena’s services to anyone looking to take hold of their lives and ready to finally grab on to those dreams that they have been tiptoeing around for so long.

Stefanie Sobinovsky

Personal Stylist, Cru Boutique

“Dena’s program was the spark that started it all. The transformation that took place for me following that class was unbelievable. I hardly recognize that person anymore. I am happier, healthier and closer to my true self than I have ever been. Thank You Dena! Truly Life Changing!”

Jaci Clark


“Get with the Program helped me realize that I wanted a change … and procrastination was not going to get me on my way to the life that I wanted to live. It gave me a plan and the confidence to Go For It!”

Maria Wagner

Sonic Power Yoga

“Through private Hypnosis and the Change Your Mind event, I was able to get clarity with my personal and professional goals. I was so inspired and delighted with the results, that I took her Hypnotist Certification course so that I can help others the way Dena profoundly helped me.”

Mary Lehett