Work With Dena

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Dena DeLuco, Founder of The EvoLving Door, is your go-to guru for deep meditation and personal empowerment. She is a Hypnotist Trainer (International Hypnosis Federation), an NLP Success Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher.
Dena’s expertise is in the realm of transformative learning and rich, multidimensional practices which supports the current global evolution (awakening) of human consciousness. She is an international speaker, trainer and the co-author of three books.

Dena has oodles of group classes for gracefully shifting old belief systems (click on the EVENTS tab for her current class schedule) and offers private sessions as well.


Currently, Dena works with individuals and start-up businesses by appointment only.

  • Hypnosis – Clinical or Spiritual
  • Reiki
  • NLP Success Coaching
  • Life Strategy
  • Business Brainstorming

Email Dena at: or call her to schedule at 330.502.7586 (please call during regular Eastern Standard business hours only please)