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multi author book

Multi-Author Book Opportunity

Meditative. Intuitive. Healing.
One of our Most Popular!

Select Wednesday evenings 
NEW – You can now join us on Select Monday evenings on ZOOM CHAT.

We begin with a lovely, relaxing meditation to take you from ‘head to heart’. Then, as a topic is announced, you simply write… no filters, no worries about grammar or sentence structure; just a free stream of consciousness.
(so, no pressure to ‘get it right’ – just WRITE!)

After our writings, we share. Typically we have a ‘read or don’t read’ policy.
For those of us in the book, it will be more important than ever that we share – at least with one another.
Part of the beauty of writing together is the sacred bond that happens amongst our sisterhood.
We form a ‘tribe’ unto ourselves… a strong, powerful, vulnerable, unstoppable force from which comes healing, the structure of enlightenment and intangible, inexpressible calm and peace. The ‘magic’ which happens in this space is holy, cherished and pure.
Typically “what happens in circle… stays in circle” but together, we will brave the outer reaches of this world with our grief, our fear, our bliss and our wisdom. What happens in THIS circle becomes a beacon of light which shines out into the cosmos.

Wednesday, October 11 (6 pm, Evolving Door)
Wednesday, October 18 (6 pm, Evolving Door)
Monday, October 23 (6 pm, PJ Party – Zoom Chat)

More Dates Coming. Please check back!

Select “Circles” are dedicated to those who wish to be a part of the book
*Please note that attendance to this Circle does not guarantee your spot in the book.
(Nor does it obligate you to submitting to be one of our authors)
See Dena D. for details!

Your Facilitator: Dena D. has been helping women take the next step on their evolutionary journey for more than a decade. She has co-authored 3 books and is the creator and facilitator of life changing meditations, classes, workshops and certification courses.


Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Inks are back!


So Easy… So-Much-Fun!

One of our all-time-favorite classes, Alcohol Inks are for the Artist and Non-Artist alike.
Alcohol Inks have a mind of their own. They are more abstract in nature. They delight and surprise!

Join Dena D. for this fun and groovy class!
This class is for you if you just want to have some fun and get your creative juices flowing!
(Sticks in the mud need not apply)


Class includes:
(at least) 3 tiles (4×4 and/or 3×6).
Inks, rubbing alcohol, ‘tools’ and blending solution.
70’s Music, water, hot tea and a few yummy snacks!
For those of you who have attended before:
We will be using YUPO Paper and doing some more advanced techniques!


Be on the Lookout!

The "Right Weigh"!

Not fitting in your Skinny Jeans?
Cravings getting the best of you?
Hiding beneath your baggy tops?
Losing the battle with the voice in your head?
Do you know what to do… but just aren’t DOING IT?
Could you use some support from other women who also want to enjoy a healthy, happy life?

OMGosh, so many questions!

If you are ready to Find the Answers, then you will want to click the link below.
We are bringing back, “The Right Weigh!” Series.

(Sorry, we are in the middle of a session… Please check back for details on the next “Right Weigh” Series!)

Using tried and true hypnosis techniques along with powerful NLP (coaching) skills, we are cooking updelicious surprise JUST FOR YOU!




Hypnotist Certification Course

Ever considered becoming a Hypnotist?
Your chance is coming!
It is a 50 hour, intensive! After completing this course, you can (optionally) be certified through the International Hypnosis Federation.

Hypnosis can be used as a ‘self-healing-tool’ or as a stand-alone business (as well as in addition to your other healing work… massage, Reiki, coaching practice)

Not sure if Hypnosis is a good fit for you? Sign up for Change Your Mind Full Day Intensive!
Not only is it a prerequisite for the certification training, it is an incredible way to ‘change your mind’ and up level every aspect of your life!